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Art-show Hopak is reflection of national art Hopak in modern stage performance.
This is a combination of force and beauty, incredible tricks and fiery dance filled with real Ukrainian drive.
Art-Show Hopak has experience in the organization of holidays and festivals on the greatest stages of Ukraine.
Indicative programs of Art-Show Hopak counts numerous performances with demonstration of cossack firmness and talent, performance with the ancient, historical Ukrainian weapon, bright duels of courage carried out under support of folklore motives in modern processing, items of Ukrainian songs and many other items, which ignites public by Ukrainian drive.
Nowadays the Art - Show Hopak carries out demonstrative performances and festivals not only on all territory of Ukraine, but also abroad.
Art - show Boyovyy Hopak announces admission of learners. Persons interested can join our team.
Holiday events connected with the Day of City Berdichiv. There was a demonstrative program of the Art - show Boyovyy Hopak
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